Helping A Friend Unintentionally

Posted by on Apr 27, 2016 in Unintentionally Helping

Helping A Friend Unintentionally

The other day I was sitting with my friend in the bar. It’s been a while since two of us sat, drank and talked about various things. We enjoy sitting with the rest of our friends, but the two of us have a different connection. Since college, we hang out with the same people and we enjoy spending time with them, but we were always those uptight kids who wanted to talk about art and movies while other wanted to drink, party and go crazy. We also wanted this but every day.

We were more serious as college kids and we are like that today. So I was glad when I found out that the two of us will have our evening. So we sat, drank, talked and we were having fun. We drank a lot, so our topics became touchier. He started to talk about him and his wife and their problems in marriage. They weren’t getting a divorce or something like that, it was more foolish. He said that his wife asked him if they could spice up their marriage a little and he was shocked about that. She asked of him to buy handcuffs and to try something different in the bed. I knew that he was always a prude, but I didn’t know that he is so uptight. So I tried to convince him that what his wife is making him do it is nothing serious. So we agreed that we will go to the sex shop together the very next day.


After our work had finished, I called him to see when we are going to see each other to go to the sex shop. He thought that I was joking and that I was just playing nice.

After a while I convinced him, again, to go. Firstly, he was surprised that we will enter the sex shop in the middle of the day. Like he didn’t know that they also have work hours. He entered quietly, hoping that man who works there will read his mind so he doesn’t need to say anything. I saw that, and I asked a man if he had handcuffs. He said yes and showed me all kinds of handcuffs. My friend, knowingly that he must choose now, took the nearest one and gave it to the employee. At this point, I was angry because he behaved like a child so I wanted to play with him a little.

I presented myself as a usual buyer in sex shops so I started to show him other things available. I showed him about the nipple clamp, a device that helps arouse the nipples, Then I showed him cock ring, a ring that is out on the penis and that helps you with your erection. The last product I showed him was G-spot vibrator, which is exactly what it stands for – helping in female’s stimulation. Although he was still nervous he took all of that and he left without saying goodbye.

At that point, I knew there is no help for him, and I was pretty angry as well because he couldn’t take the joke.

Tomorrow evening, after the midnight, I received a message from my friend. The text said: Thank you A LOT!!! I guess I did help him, unintentionally.

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